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"ECP+" that connects the financial and service industries.


ECP+ has strengths in the advanced security, the fast transaction speed, and the possibility to withdraw in every country’s currency.

ECP+ established partnerships with domestic and international businesses. Customers can exchange their coins into real money using ECP+ card at the affiliate’s exchange. Even though so many payment services are launched, it is non- seekable to find a cryptocurrency that people use on a daily basis. Also, there is none of a payment that works as real currency service, connected with credit cards.

ECP+ is available at various affiliates that not only domestic but also hotels, franchises, online malls, and performance shows, etc. in China, USA, and Vietnam, etc.

introduce ECP+

Big Data & AI

Settlement System

Advertising System

ECP+ is the next generation block chain platform, based on the Context Blockchain which surpasses existing blockchain’s limitation. And we are fostering the best ecosystem for ECP+, having the newest technologies, which are patented and needed for managing ECP+ ecosystem; Big Data & AI, the international certification center, calculating the fee system, and advertisement system, etc.

ECP+ Technology

DCOS(Digital Content Original System)

Digital Content Original System supports all process controls from creation, registration, circulation, and disposal of digital contents; electronic documents, videos, sounds, and pictures, etc.that are created online and offline.

Collected data is stored as original and copy data. The original is stored inside of its own system, and the copy is distributed. DCOS system supports content distribution through authentication of non-reproducible digital contents, so that it prevents any distortion or deterioration. Afterall, including calculating the fee system, DCOS is the system that make it possible to compensate and to have share certificate of digital contents.

DCOS utilizes Big data & AI technology, and then analyzes the customer’s using information. Thus, it would provide a differentiated service that a participant and an information demander want, by diverse information services including personalized information and preferred information, etc.

Big Data & AI

ECP+ Platform maximizes its efficiency in digitizing and consolidating existing data. Existing scattered data may be misled because of different term, style, and form, even if artificial intelligence techniques were used. But we are trying to implement an international standardized format for data exchange and storage (E2B [R2/R3]), to preventthe omission of data and extend the scope of application.

We store information as big data, and according to an individual and a domain, etc., we refine and analyze information. Afterall, we apply AI techniques, and then provide personalized information or demanded information.

The application of artificial intelligence technology will also apply to a Bot platform services for participants or demanders.

Security Technology

The personal and sensitive information in ECP+ Platform is encrypted and stored as non-identifying information.

<Features of providing security technology>
– Key Management Scheme for encrypting and decrypting using One Time Encryption (OTE) key generated each time Secret Master Key shared between the security server and user terminal
– All security uses a unique encryption key
– Key security management does not use any robust encryption algorithms
– Security technology is designed as a premise that the same encryption key is not used during the encryption and decryption process
– The encryption function is supported by One Time Key, which is used only once each time user’s transmission information is transmitted
– Sharing the same secret master key between the user terminal and the HSM server: Do not use the master key as the encryption and decryption key
– Network Information Security: Secure Layer and Data Encryption

<Example of the process of generating the secret key>

Context Blockchain

ECP+ Platform overcomes the limitation of current blockchain by using multi-modal and digital contents source identification technology to enhance the reliability of Smart Contracts.

Also, overcoming the existing block chain’s limit that only provides the time of transaction, ECP+ Platform establishes the context block chain which contains not only time but also location of the transaction.

Based on those characters, we are planning to set-as soon as possible-totally new, a next generation context block chain platform,the Mars Network.

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Byeong Rhee
CEO at CY2CODE, Inc.
President at Goshen Groom
CEO at SD Cast Co., Ltd.
Director of Tech Data Research Institute
NSG Team Leader of Microsoft

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